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Homework – Eighth Grade


Friday, May 29

8 Homeroom

1. Free Dress Next Week! 

2. Wednesday- last day of school. 2:15 dismissal

3. Thursday, Baccalaureate Mass at 10. Arrive at 9:30. Graduation at 7. Arrive at 6 in the 8th grade classroom.


8 ELA: Graduation speech/mass practice. Appreciations due Thursday

7 ELA: work on Movie Trailers- presentations on Friday.


Thursday, May 21

8 Homeroom:

1. Practice Baccalaureate Mass Parts

2. Tuesday is PJ Day

8 ELA: Yosi and Haleigh TED talks Tuesday. 

7 ELA: 1 Story drafting session with your partner. Story Due 5/28.


Tuesday, May 19

8 Homeroom:

1. Free dress tomorrow for mural work

2. Grad speeches due Thursday

3. No school Friday or Monday

8 ELA: practice your TED talk. Talks continue Thursday.

7 ELA: read and annotate Ch 12. Annotation check Thursday. Story drafting on Thursday so make sure to set a time to work with your partner on Google before then. 


Monday, May 18

8 Homeroom:

1. Practice Bac. Mass parts

2. L, D, H, R: final speeches due Thursday

3. No School Friday

8 ELA: TED talks start tomorrow- practice and finalize.

7 ELA: read and annotate Ch 11. Project starts tomorrow.


Tuesday, May 12

8 Homeroom

1. Graduation speeches- draft due Friday

2. Grandparents Day Friday- noon dismissal

8 ELA: practice your TED talk. 

7 ELA: read and annotate chapter 8. 


Monday, May 11

8 Homeroom:

1. Graduation speech drafts due Friday. Final due May 21.

2. Friday is a noon dismissal and Grandparent's Day 

8 ELA: finish your TED draft and practice

7 ELA: finish reading and annotating chapter 7. Reply to my email about the project.


Thursday, May 7

8 Homeroom:

1. Treats tomorrow

2. Free Dress tomorrow- class points

8 ELA: Vocabulary quiz tomorrow. Finish TED outline.

7 ELA: Seminar on Ch 1-5 and Greaser Blog tomorrow. Finish reading Ch 5.


Monday, May 4

8 ELA: outside reading book in spreadsheet by Weds. Seminar tomorrow on Forbes article, have 3 questions ready. Vocabulary quiz Friday.

7 ELA: finish reading and annotate chapter 3. 



Thursday, April 30

8 Homeroom:

1. Free Dress Tomorrow

2. Friday Treats

8 ELA: practice your poetry reading. 2 blog post comments due.

7 ELA:finish reading and annotating chapter 1. Outside reading book in our shared spreadsheet by Monday.


Wednesday, April 29

8 Homeroom

1. Free Dress Friday

2. Friday treats

3. Print your yearbook pages by Friday

8 ELA: practice your poetry for Friday

7 ELA: choose an outside reading book by Friday (either teen realistic fiction or autobiography). Read S.E. Hinton's letter to readers in the beginning of the book. Bring annotation materials to class tomorrow.

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