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Eighth Grade – Journal


Art & Poetry

Dear Families,

May is upon us, and eighth grade has been working hard on their mural project, led by our Art teacher Scott Dyrness. Together, they have created a piece that represents St. Jerome School, and incorporates some of their shared memories over the years. We are so excited to unveil the final mural in the next six weeks.

Eighth grade is also finishing a poetry unit and will be moving in to their final English unit of the year- presenting a five-minute TED talk. This will be on a passionate topic of their choice, and will be filmed. We will be integrating various non-fiction texts and TED talk examples for preparation. 

In service, eighth grade is still working with Kindergarten every week with their reading buddies, and is preparing to create a short film for Grandparents Day. The students are enjoying the project-based experiences of being an eighth grader, and the opportunities to serve our school community.


October 16th Update

Dear Eighth Grade Families,
I hope this email finds you well. We have been very busy in eighth grade, as the science project paper is underway, a new literature unit is beginning, HSPT prep is upon us, and our art projects are coming together!
Our iPad Airs arrived this week, and we have been setting them up, downloading education apps, and are working on organizing our classes into Google folders and sub-folders. Our iPads are equipped with cases, a stylus for each student, screen protectors, and headphones. 
One thing I would love for each student to have, is permission to download the app Notability. The cost of the app is $2.99, and it is a wonderful way of both taking notes and completing and storing work given in class. This app allows each assignment given to be completed and submitted on the iPad, and keeps completed assignments organized when it comes time to study for tests. All other apps this year are free. 
If your child has permission to download the app, please reply back to this email with a quick verification.  
In other news, our Caritas trip is coming up in a little over a month, and I am waiting on verification from a mom who can potentially chaperone. The only thing I need from you is your child's health form (I have received most), and optional sweatshirt form. Any fundraising dollars before November will go toward offsetting the cost of camp, and with Kelly Driscoll's help, I will keep you apprised of the final amount due for Caritas. 
Have a wonderful weekend, and please do not hesitate to contact me with questions. 
Cat Cabral



High School Admissions Updates

Please see the download section of the website for upcoming high school admissions information. 


Eighth Grade Update - Week of August 25-29

Dear Families:
I hope all of your are well, and looking forward to a holiday weekend! It has been an engaging and busy week in eighth grade, as we covered the four modes of rhetoric and Socratic method of speaking as we prepare for our first novel unit on Tuesday. We also discussed the Habits of Mind, which are fundamental in our class and a bar to reach upon entering high school. You can find these habits in the download section of the website. 
I am very excited to share that the eighth graders will have art classes on Monday and Friday beginning next week. We started a collaborative internship program with St. Mary's College in Moraga, wherein one college senior per semester (Art majors) will be teaching art to the middle schoolers. I am thrilled that our middle schoolers will have exposure to the arts, and that we were able to partner with such a wonderful school. 
Some important dates and details coming up in September:
Friday, September 12- Student Holiday
Sunday, September 14- Solano Stroll
Sunday, September 21- Family Mass/Walkathon
Thursday, September 25- 6-8 Girls to visit Holy Names High School (9-1) I will send permission slips home next week. 
Monday, September 29- 8th Grade Day at Salesian High School 
Thank you, and please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions. Have a wonderful weekend!
Cat Cabral



Christmas Book Exchange

Middle School Parents,

Today your child brought home a letter detailing the following information:

The middle school teaching team (Dr. Kaumbulu, Ms. Fiedler-Ross, and Ms. Klein) is excited to announce that this year we will be joining together for a holiday book exchange.

On December 20th, students will have the opportunity to bring a copy of their favorite book to give to a fellow student, and take home a new book to read in exchange.

Participation is encouraged, but optional.  Please keep in mind, however, that only students who bring a book to contribute will take a book home with them.




-The book your child brings should be written at least at a grade 6-8 reading level (no picture books, early reader

books, etc.), and appropriate for young adult readers.

-The book should be a new (or gently used) copy, (please do not exceed 20$ when making your purchase)

-Please gift wrap the book.




Final Caritas Letter

8th Grade Parents,

Next week our 8th grade class will travel to Occidental, CA for Caritas Camp.  I wanted to send home a few reminders as we approach this exciting trip.


If your child takes daily or weekly medication, that medication will need to be given to me to administer.  I would like to have any medication turned in by Friday to ensure that medication is not forgotten on Monday morning, along with directions about when/how the medication should be taken.


Please check the suggested packing list to make sure that your child has everything they need.  Please make sure to put nametags or labels on your child’s possession to ensure that everything they take with them comes back.  Please make sure that your child packs warm, waterproof clothing.  Please also make sure that your child has appropriate, close-toed shoes.


Please pack your child a lunch for the first day of camp, including a drink.  All other meals will be provided for the week, but each student needs enough to eat for lunch on Monday.  Please do not pack “extra” food beyond what would be packed for a normal lunch, as food cannot be stored in the cabins.

 Arrival and Departure:

We will leave St. Jerome at 8:30 am on Monday, November 18th.  It is VERY important that all students arrive on time so that we can depart on time.  I will be on campus early, and students can come into the classroom as early as 7:30.  Students need to make sure to bring everything with them when they come to school, as there will not be time to drop off forgotten items.

We will leave CYO camp at 12:00 pm on Friday, November 22nd.  Please plan on picking up your child from the St. Jerome campus between 1:30 and 2:00 pm. 

 Contact Information:

CYO Camp is in an area with little to no cell phone service.  If you would like to get in contact with camp staff, your child, or myself over the course of the week, please use the contact information included in the letter your child brought home.


Please feel free to email me with any questions or concerns you may have.




Frances Klein


Caritas Camp Packets

8th Grade Parents,

A packet was sent home containing the documents necessary for your child to attend Caritas Camp.  Our Camp dates are November 18th-22nd.

Our middle school volunteer Jorge Garcia has generously volunteered to accompany us as our male cabin leader for our week at camp.  We are still in need, however, of two female cabin leaders to attend with us.  Please let me know as soon as possible if you are available to act as a cabin leader for all or part (minimum two days) of the visit.  If we are unable to find cabin leaders, we will have to pay for the camp to provide them.


This packet includes:

Parent letter

Suggested Clothing/packing list

T-Shirt/Sweatshirt order form: due to Ms. Klein by November 4th (checks payable to St. Jerome School)

Youth Health Form: due to Ms. Klein by November 1st

The final payment check in the amount of $342 dollars will be due to either Ms. Klein or the school office by November 4th.

Our Site director, Matthew Terrizzi, will visit our class on Tuesday, November 12th to meet with the students and teach them important camp procedures.

Please review this packet and the accompanying deadlines.  If you have any questions about any of the forms included, please feel free to email me at fklein@csdo.org


Thank you for all you do at home


8th Grade Parent Meeting

8th grade parents,

 Our 8th grade parent meeting with take place on Wednesday, September 25thWe will be meeting in the 8th grade classroom at 7:00 pm to discuss


         -8th grade graduation/Dinner dance

         -High school visits

         -8th grade sweatshirts

 If you cannot attend the meeting, please send me an email at fklein@csdo.org so that I can send a hard copy of the information home with your child.


Middle School Information

Hi 8th Grade Parents,

The following fliers contain interesting links about Salesian high school that I thought you might like to have. 


HSPT Information

Salesian Admissions

Surviving the Middle School Child



Announcements for 8/30

Hello 8th Grade Parents!

We have been having a successful first two weeks back at school.  In Language arts we are reading Gordon Korman's very funny book "Schooled", and learning about setting.  Students are also reading and comparing different types of non-fiction texts.  Ask your child what they are reading!

In Spanish, we are quickly moving through review subjects like greetings, dismissals, and the Alphabet.

In Religion, we are learning how to make moral decisions.

Our good behavior over the past two weeks has earned us 13 class points toward a free dress day.  We hope to earn more points and get our free dress day soon!

This year we are welcoming our new P.E. teacher Mr. Noel, and he is making sure the 8th graders work hard during P.E.  Because 8th grade students have P.E. first thing in the morning, we have decided to allow students to wear a plain t-shirt to school for P.E., and then change into their uniform shirt for the rest of the day.  The shirt MUST be plain, and must be either blue, black, brown, white, or grey.  Students are required to bring a uniform shirt to change into.  Forgetting the uniform shirt will result in a behavior infraction and detention.

I hope you all have a safe and enjoyable three day weekend, and I look forward to seeing your students back here bright and early on Tuesday morning.


Ms. Klein

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