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Curriculum – Fifth Grade 

Social Studies- In Social Studies this year we will be doing a study of American History.  Our journey begins around 28,000 B.C. when hunters first crossed the Siberia / Alaska land bridge and ends around the time of the mid 1800’s.  We will be taking an in depth look at the early Native peoples and how they adapted to the places they had chosen to settle.  We will be looking at early exploration and colonization as well as focusing on the establishment of the 13 colonies and eventually the causes, course and effects of the Revolutionary War.  We will understand how our government was formed and how our nation expanded, including immigration and westward migration.  There will also be a geography component to the curriculum which will include learning the locations of the 50 states and their capitals.  In addition to the textbook, California Vistas: Making a New Nation,(Macmillan / McGraw-Hill), we will be using literature, an Interact simulation of the Revolutionary War and projects to enrich our learning.


ELA-  This curriculum will have many components.  Because of the combined 4th/5th curriculum last year, this class has already completed a significant portion of the 5th grade anthology.  Therefore, this year we will be mainly reading, and critically analyzing novels as well as a variety of non-fiction, informational text.  There will also be a monthly poetry focus.  Some of the novels we will be reading include, The Year of the Panda, Shiloh, The Phantom Tollbooth, The Sign of the Beaver, and The Watsons Go to Birmingham. The novels will have vocabulary and spelling lists that students will be expected to master.  There will also be a weekly grammar or mechanics focus.  In addition, we will also be using the Step Up To Writing program.  This program teaches everything from structuring a basic sentence to writing reports and speeches.  Students will learn to be more effective writers and note takers, not only in Reading class, but across the curriculum.  Our writing lessons will also be very integrated with social studies and will focus heavily on the three main Common Core writing components of narrative, explanatory and persuasive writing.   Students will be keeping Writer’s Composition Books where they will be practicing their writing skills and keeping daily journal entries. There will also be three required book reports, one per trimester.





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