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Fifth Grade – Journal


Week of May 31, 2016

I hope everyone had a fun, safe, and relaxing Memorial Day weekend.  These last four days of "real school" will be a wrap up of the units we are currently working on.  In ELA we will finish up with similes and metaphors as well as finishing our summative research papers on spies from the Revolution.  We will also be reading a non-fiction article on hurricanes and practicing the skill of making inferences.

In social studies we will finish up with our current chapter on the early government and Constitution of the United States. We will be learning about the three branches of government and learning about the electoral college and how a president is elected.


Thursday, 6/2   10:00 Baccalaureate Mass
Friday, 6/3        Free dress for summer birthdays
Tuesday, 6/7     Free dress
Wednesday, 6/8 Last day of school, 10:30 dismissal




Week of May 23, 2016

Hard to believe that this is the last full week of the school year! With summer quickly approaching, I appreciate how students are continuing to work hard and stay focused in class.

In ELA this week we continue our non-fiction unit with a story about the creation of and science behind hot-air ballooning. Our language arts focus will be on identifying figurative language, particularly similes, metaphors and personification. In writing we will be finishing up our informational essays on Revolutionary War spies.

On Tuesday of this week, in social studies, we will be taking our final summative assessment on the Revolutionary War. For the next two weeks we will then be looking at the Constitution of the United States and the formation of our government system as we now know it.


Monday 5/23        Class color day

Tuesday 5/24       Twin day

Wednesday 5/25  Wacky day in school uniform

Thursday 5/26     Throwback Thursday with 5th grade in 70"s dress

Friday 5/27         Jersey day

Monday 5/30      Memorial Day Holiday


Week of May 16, 2016

With a little less than four weeks of school left, I appreciate that students are staying diligent and focused during class time. This week in ELA we continue our non-fiction unit, with a focus on finding main idea and supporting details, by reading articles about advances in medical science. Our language arts focus will be on correctly punctuating different kinds of titles. For the next couple of weeks in writing we will still be working on informative / explanatory writing, but incorporating some social studies as well.  Students will be writing a short research paper on a spy from the Revolutionary War using the MLA format which will be expected in middle school.

In social studies this week we are wrapping up our study of the Revolutionary War. We will be looking at the final, definitive battles of the war as well as the peace treaty agreed upon by the two countries.


Friday 5/27      Noon dismissal

Monday 5/30   Memorial Day Holiday





Week of May 9, 2016

The school year is winding down, but academics are still going strong in fifth grade. Students are doing a great job of mastering the techniques of informational / explanatory writing. They are even learning how to correctly use MLA format, which they will be expected to use in middle and high school. We are continuing with non-fiction reading this week with articles on snakes in which we will be looking to identify main idea and supporting details. We are also continuing with identifying and correctly using verb tenses.

This week in Social Studies we are beginning our final chapter on the Revolutionary War. Our focus this week is looking at all of the people from military Generals to spies who contributed to the war effort.


Tuesday 5/10      Book Reports and Dodecahedrons due

Friday 5/13         Grandparent's Day and noon dismissal

Sunday 5/15       Spring Carnival


Week of April 25, 2016

It's hard to believe we only have about six weeks of school left! For the remainder of the year, we will be working out of the textbook in ELA.  I have chosen a unit called "Investigations" that is all non-fiction and will fit appropriately with our informational/ explanatory writing unit which we will also continue until the end of the year. Students will be starting a short research paper this week about a field of science of their choice and will be learning the steps of writing a paper from note-taking through the Works Cited page. We are also continuing this week with past perfect and future perfect verb tenses.

Social Studies, this week has many activities that will immerse students in the Revolutionary War.  They will be giving speeches pretending to be Patrick Henry calling for revolution.  We will also be learning about the Battle of Bunker Hill and doing a mini-simulation of the battle.

Math, students have their Module 3 Assessment on Tuesday, April, 25th. This assessment will cover adding and subtracting fractions with common and uncommon denominators, as well as rearranging equations when solving for missing factors. We are also working on Module 4 which is interpreting fractions as division statements and modeling them as an equation and picture.   


Tuesday 4/26    Math Review Due & Module Assessment 

Thursday 4/28     Progress Reports

Friday 4/29         School Holiday

Tuesday 5/10      Book Reports and Dodecahedrons due


Week of April 18, 2016

This week in ELA we will be wrapping up Phantom Tollbooth with a summative assessment where students will be creating a "Coming Attraction" movie poster about the book in which they will be summarizing the book as well as addressing its themes.  We are also continuing with verbs and this week will be looking at present and perfect verb tenses.  Our writing focus continues to be on informational / explanatory writing.

In Social Studies we have begun our study of the American Revolution.  To kick off our unit, last week students created their own Tavern signs.  Taverns in the 1700s were inns and meeting places where people like Samuel Adams and Benjamin Franklin met to make their plans and strategies for revolution.  This week we will be learning about some of the acts of taxation that angered the colonists as well as looking at Paul Revere's ride and the early battles at Lexington and Concord.

We are nearing the end of module 3 in Math. I plan to be ready for the Module 3 Assessment, which is all about fractions, to take place next week. As for this week we will continue to practice how to rearrange fraction equations in order to solve for an unknown fraction to make an equation true. This will be done by using the opposite operation and setting up a new expression. For example if it is a subtraction problem we will use addition to solve. We will then apply what we have learned about fractions to multi-step word problems. 


Tuesday 4/19      9:00am Mass- Please send a non-perishable food item

Friday 4/22         Phantom Tollbooth Character Dress up day

Friday 4/29         School Holiday

Tuesday 5/10      Book Reports and Dodecahedrons due


Week of April 11, 2016

After many weeks of reading and a variety of activities centered around our Common Core Standards, we are finally coming to the end of The Phantom Tollbooth.  We will be wrapping up Chapters 18-20 this week.  Our language arts focus will be on present, future and past tense verbs.  Our writing focus this week will continue to be on informational writing.  Students will be reading some non-fiction articles about Australia and using facts and information from these articles to write a short essay about why a person might want to live in Australia.

This week in Social Studies we are wrapping up our discussion of early Colonial life and will be taking our Chapter 10 test on Wednesday.  Next, we will be moving into a study of the American Revolution which will be partly from our textbook and partly an interactive simulation of the events.

In math we will be working on adding and subtracting mixed number fractions. This means that our numbers have both a whole number and a fraction. Students will start getting in the habit now of turning imporper fractions into mixed numbers and simplfying their fractions as much as possible.


Wednesday 4/13  Soc. St. Chapter 10 Test

Friday 4/15         Hawaiian Spirit Dress Day

Tuesday 4/19      9:00am Mass- Please send a non-perishable food item

Friday 4/22         Phantom Tollbooth Character Dress up day

Friday 4/29         School Holiday

Tuesday 5/10      Book Reports and Dodecahedrons due


Week of April 4, 2016

Welcome back! I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter and a fun and relaxing Easter break.

This week in ELA we are continuing our read of Phantom Tollbooth and our spelling, vocabulary and critical thinking activities.  We will be starting a language arts focus on verbs, which will continue for several weeks.  We are also beginning a several week unit on informational/ expository writing.

In Social Studies this week we will be wrapping up Chapter 10 as we move toward our Revolutionary War unit. We are also going to begin our study of the 50 states and capitals. The states will be divided up into four regions with a weekly quiz on each.  The fifth week will be a cumulative test on all 50 states. 


Week of March 21, 2016 

In math this week we will have our module assessment on Monday. Student's review packets will be due at the beginning of class. I will not be iin on Tuesday. 3/22, due to a field trip with the 2nd and 3rd grade class. 5th graders will instead go to Miss Sciba's room for the period where I will have an assignment for them to work on. They should also bring a book incase they finish early.  On Wednesday we will continue with working on making equivalent fractions and how to put them into addition and multiplication sentences. 


Week of March 14, 2016

This week in ELA we will be wrapping up our current section of Phantom Tollbooth and taking our summative test Wednesday on Chapters 9-13.  We will continue to work on the reading comprehension concept of point of view as well as idioms, adages and proverbs.

Social Studies this week is also a wrap up of our current unit, in which we are discussing slavery and the economy of the 13 Colonies. We will be doing some in-class review and taking our Chapter 9 test on Friday.

In math we are moving on to Module 3. The first topic is all about Equivalent Fractions! We will start by looking at how to make equivalent fractions and showing them on a number lie and area model.  We will do this for halves, thirds, fourths and fifths. We will also be having our module assessment on Monday 3/21. Students were given a review packet to help them study. It will be due Monday the day of the test.  


Monday, 3/14       Student Holiday

Wednesday 3/16   Phantom Tollbooth chapters 9-13 Test

Thursday, 3/17    Green and White Spirit Dress Day

Friday, 3/18        Report cards go home

                          Chapter 9 Social Studies Test

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