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What's New In February?

6-8th Grade Science

This month the students are finishing up our chapter on the muscular and skeletal systems. We will then move into the cardiovascular and respiratory systems. We will be doing a research project on the heart, complete with displaying how a red blood cell travels through the body. They will also participate in a lab on heartbeat and heart health. We will be getting our hearts pumping this month!

6th Grade Math

The 6th graders are finishing their Module on rational numbers. We have discussed positive and negative numbers and where they fall on a number line. We have also moved on to graphing ordered pairs on a coordinate plane and reflecting over the x and y-axis. Our next module will be on expressions and equations.

7th Grade Math

The 7th graders have started our module on expressions and equations. They use linear equations to solve unknown angle problems and other problems presented with an unknown.  They will also use expressions and equations to solve problems involving area of a circle and composite area in the plane, as well as volume and surface area of right prisms.

8th Grade Math

The 8th graders have been writing and solving and finding solutions to equations. We have learned how to find the slope of linear equations and graphing linear equations using the slope and y-intercept. Well will then move into learning about the properties of parallel and perpendicular lines.

7th Grade ELA

The 7th graders have finished reading and discussing the graphic novel American Born Chinese, and will now begin a project where they watch a movie which directly touches upon its themes before presenting that movie to the class with the use of visual aids.

8th Grade ELA

The 8th graders are moving on to writing Act II of their own mythic story, as they also continue to read and draw inspiration from The Alchemist.


What We Are Doing In December 


6-8th Grade Science

This month in science we are starting our first chapter on the Human Body. The students completed a research project where they researched their human body system and created a presentation with their partner. We are starting with the Muscular and Skeletal systems and then going to move on to the Circulatory, Nervous and Digestive systems. We are also working hard on our Science Fair Projects. It is hard to believe that the science fair is so close! After Christmas break we will be going full steam ahead to complete them by January 28th.

6th Grade Math 

The 6th graders have started our Module on arithmetic operations, which include dividing fractions, long division with decimals and multiplying decimals. After we will be moving on to rational numbers.

7th Grade Math

The Seventh grade students have been working on operations with positive and negative numbers. Next we will be moving on to writing and solving algebraic and expressions and equations.

8th Grade Math

The 8th graders have just started their first module on Algebra. They have been writing and solving and finding solutions to equations. We are going to move into writing equations for parallel and perpendicular lines, finding the slope of linear equations and graphing linear equations using the slope and y-intercept.

6th Grade History

Students in 6th grade are exploring the development of civilization and the ways people interact with their environments. They have learned how early humans and those in the fertile crescent settled down to develop the world's first complex institutions.

7th and 8th Grade History

Seventh and eighth grade students are mesmerized with the events leading up to the American Revolution.  They are excited to understand the complex issues between the British and the French in the settlement of America and how a generation of people decided that it was time to establish an American identity.  Students not only partner in groups to give digital presentations, they evaluate simulations that are portrayed through visual media and discuss issues that are pertinent to today's world. History is an interesting topic where the students actually meet the world in which they live. 

7th and 8th Grade ELA

The purpose of ELA is fairly straightforward: teach them how to engage critically with whatever material they are presented, and then express those thoughts clearly and effectively. This month, the seventh grade will be reading H.G. Wells' The War of the Worlds while the eighth grade will take the the last two weeks to both learn about and write their own mythic story.


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