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Curriculum – Second Grade


RELIGION (We are Faith-Filled Individuals )

Living the faith is at the center of our learning each day. We listen to God at work and at play. We answer His calls daily in prayer. We learn to love God and others.We share God's love in our community with our class annual Christmas carol at ElCerrito Shield Nursing Home.  We learn how to examine our conscience as we prepare to make First Reconciliation and First Eucharist.


READING ( We are active Learners/ We are Effective Communicators)

Reading,writing, and speaking are in our daily schedule. We explore the different genres in these areas. Reading aloud, paired reading, group reading, reciting, and oral presentations, allow us to increase our reading fluency. Daily journal entry, star of the week writing, and friendly letter writing provide adequate writing practices. Engaging in “social conversations “ daily with classmates help us sharpen our communication skills.



Math occupies a center stage in our everyday learning. In addition to daily math lessons, daily math drills provide mastery in addition and subtraction. Making up math songs help us remember challenging math concepts like regrouping. We set up a classroom store to make working with money easier. We play Mathletics Live with students around the globe at Mathletics.com


SCIENCE (We are Active Learners)

We live science daily by engaging in oral hygiene. We wash our hands frequently especially after each restroom visit. We try to cover most of the science genres in our second grade standard. We learn about living and nonliving things in our life science unit. Forces and matter are covered in our physical science unit, rocks and minerals in earth science. Human body and good health in our keeping healthy unit. In the environmental  science unit, we explore being good stewards of our Earth.


SOCIAL STUDIES and Beyond (We are Active Learners)

The second grade curriculum in social studies incorporates history and geography. We learn about people who have made a difference long ago and now in our world. We learn about the history and traditions of our ancestors who were born in any of our seven continents. We explore where our looks and values come from. We learn about living in our country and how to be good citizens. We learn about heroes and celebrate them on " Heroes Day." We invite guest speakers to our classroom, and we take field trips to complement our social studies units. 



We learn to use technology respectfully to research,integrate, and complement our learning in all areas of our curriculum.

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