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Seventh Grade – Journal


3rd Trimester Journal Update 

Welcome to the 3rd Trimester! It is hard to believe how fast this year has gone! This trimester we will be doing a lot of interesting activities :) 

In middle school science we completed our chapter on chemical reactions complete with making ice cream in a bag. It’s very simple but I think your kids would prefer to just buy it! We will be moving on to acids, bases and solutions and doing labs and activities where we will determine if different materials are acids or bases based on their properties, pH strips and litmus paper.

In 7th Grade math we are continuing to work on writing and solving equations. This is a new topic for the 7th graders but they are doing very well. After this we are going to be starting our unit on volume of different 3-dimensional figures.

In 8th Grade math they are also working on writing and solving linear expressions and equations. This time there are variables on both sides of the equal sign as apposed to only on one side. Again, this is a very new topic for them and they are doing great! After we master this we will be moving on to graphing linear expressions.

 In 5th Grade math we finished our unit on multiplying fractions and decimals and converting different units and are moving into division of fractions and decimals. I have seen so much improvement over the year with their multiplication facts so keep working on them at home.

In 5th Grade science we are continuing our chapter on Earth’s weather. They have completed two projects that are out in the hallway so take a look next time you are at school. They look great! We have been working on researching all year and they were able to researcher a severe weather system and create a poster on the warning signs and what to do if they are in one of these situations. In the coming weeks we are going to wrap up our weather chapter with a writing activity that goes along with the book Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs. Then we will be moving into the solar system!

 I am looking forward to a great 3rd Trimester! 


November 11th Update 

Hello all! This is the final week of the first trimester. I have updated the gradebook but there might be a few more little grades to be added before the end of the week. Please make sure that if your studnet is doing the corrections for any assignment that they get it to me before Friday so I can change their grade before the trimester ends. 

I would also like to take this time to remind you that we are starting the science fair. Under the download section of the website there is a document that says "Science Fair Project Guide" this has all the due dates from no until the science fair in January. Please reinforce to your student the importance of staying on top of this project is. As well as making sure they are taking the time to do quality work handing in the work completed and on time will continue to raise their science grades. 


November 3rd Update 

Hello all! It is hard to believe that we are already in November. Gradebook has been updated with everything except the most recent science test that  the students are taking on Wednesday. If you have a conference on Thursday or Friday I will be able to give you your studnet's most up-to-date grade. 

In the comming weeks 7th grade will be finishing up their first module with our new EngageNy program and moving on to the states of matter in science. 


October 8th Curriculum Update 

Hard to believe but, it is almost progress report time! I am currently grading the last of our assignments for the first half of the trimetster. By Friday, 10/10 PowerSchool will be completely up to date with your student't progress report grade. 


Also, you probably noticed that it is Science Fair time. All of the assignemts and standards are on the class page in the download section. 


Curriculum Update 

I would just like to update and let you know that your student's current grade in math and science has been updated on PowerSchool. I usually enter the scores as soon as they are graded so if you check a day or two after the test or quiz is given then you will see their most up to date score. 

I have also had a few questions about some of my grading policies. I allow any studnet who received a70% or below to do test corrections in both math and science. They will then receive half-credit for each new correct answer. I give them one day for a quiz and two days after a test to do the corrections as well as doing their homework for that night. I allow the studnets who are failing or in the D range to do test corrections to bump up their grade. It is the studnet's choice if they want to do the corrections or not. If they don't have them or did not do them the day they are due, they will not count. I hope this eliminates some confusion. 


East Bay Private High School Fair 

This  year’s East Bay Private High School Fair takes place on Wednesday, October 8, at Bishop O’Dowd High School, from 7 – 9 PM.

The fair is a gathering of more than a 20 parochial and independent high schools. It is a wonderful opportunity for 7th and 8th grade families to meet admission representatives from many excellent Bay Area schools.


Salesian Information 

Here is some important information and upcoming dates for Salesian High School


Wednesday May 27 - May 30

Thursday, May 29:

1. Muse Concert at 11:00am

2. Parent Appreciation Gathering at 5:30pm in Rohan Hall

Friday, May 30:

Little Olympics from 1:00-3:00pm (students can wear sports theme attire)


Spirit Week!



Grandparent's Day: Friday, May 16

9:20-9:40: Recess

10:00: Mass (hosted by K/1)

11:00-11:15: Grandparent snack time

11:15-11:50: Classroom visit

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