St. Jerome Catholic School Mission in the Diocese of Oakland educate children in the Catholic faith and nurture their minds, bodies, and souls, inspiring them to live the Gospel of Jesus Christ, achieve their highest academic and creative potential, and actively serve and enrich the community.

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STEAM Event & Open House

St.Jerome will host a STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) Event and Open House on Sunday January 29, 2017 from 12:00pm-2:00pm.

This is a community event, open to prospective students and current K-3rd graders. Our guests are invited to do an activity in each classroom, with the last stop in Lions Club at the cookie decorating station.


What is STEAM?

  • In this climate of economic uncertainty, America is once again turning to innovation as the way to ensure a prosperous future.
  • Yet innovation remains tightly coupled with Science, Technology, Engineering and Math – the STEM subjects. Art + Design are poised to transform our economy in the 21st century just as science and technology did in the last century.


  • In a rapidly changing world, STEAM is design offer new models for creative problem solving.


  • STEAM promotes critical thinking, a key 21st century skill.
  • STEAM are the tools and methods offering new models for  problem solving, innovative practices and creative thinking.
  • Art education teaches the flexible thinking and risk taking that are needed in today’s complex and dynamic world.
  • STEAM unlocks creative thinking and innovation.


  • STEAM  is a pathway to increase U.S. economic competitiveness.
  • Distinguish American products in a global market place, and create opportunity for economic growth.
  • Becoming a key differentiator for technology startups and products.

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