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Third Grade – Journal


Week of January 9th, 2017

I hope that everyone had a wonderful weekend and managed to stay warm and dry! January is going to be a pretty crazy month full of shorter weeks. Let’s start off with some important dates and reminders.

  • Monday 1/09 - Parent Club Meeting @3:30 - 4:30 in the 7th grade classroom - Lion’s Club free for that hour

  • Thursday 1/12 - Spelling Test

  • Friday 1/13 - Student Holiday - No school!

  • Monday 1/16 - Martin Luther King Jr.’s Birthday - No School!

  • Friday 1/27 - Scholastic Book Orders due

*More dates to come. Check email and website often for updates.

In math this week we will be continuing on with patterns in multiplication and division. We have learned and seen how multiplication and division go hand in hand with one another. They use the same factors and only switch order in the equation, thus once they learn the multiplication facts they will know the division facts. In the past we have learned that when solving for the unknown in an equation that we will use a question mark. However this week we will begin replacing that question mark with a variable or a letter to represent the unknown value in an equation. Before moving on to Topic B in module 3 we will do an exit ticket quiz to check for understanding on Wednesday. This exit ticket quiz will cover the commutative property, distributive property and using variable for the unknown.  The rest of the week and Topic B will focus heavily on patterns for the 6 and 7 facts. If your little one is still struggling with their 3’s and 4’s I strongly recommend practicing those facts at home, in the car or whenever time permits.

In Religion we will be returning to our Sadlier We Believe textbook to discuss the church calendar in depth. We will learn the different times of year that make up the Catholic Calendar with a special focus on Ordinary Time. Ordinary Time comes after the end of the Christmas season, which ended with the Feast of the Three Kings on Friday. We will discuss what it means during Ordinary Time and how we can still be good followers of Jesus Christ during this time.

This week in Language Arts we will be reading the story, “What do Illustrators Do” which is a non-fiction reading that explores the occupation of an illustrator/artists. We will revisit how to find the main idea of a reading and identifying the details that support the main idea as well as sequence of events. We will also learn a new part of speech: the adverb! Your little ones will learn that an adverb describes the way a verb is done and usually ends in -ly. We will then wrap up the week with a part of speech scoot activity.

This week’s spelling words are all dipthongs. Dipthongs are two vowels coming together to make one sound. The dipthongs used in this week’s words are |oi| and |oy|. “Y” will be acting as a vowel in these spelling words.

Spelling Words: coy, soil, foil, toil, coins, point, noise, loyal, boiled, spoiled, enjoys, voice, choice, soybean, joyful
Review Words: unhappy, retold, misread
Challenge Words: noisy, checkpoint

In Science we will be getting the second half of our All About Weather book. Last week we reviewed the difference between weather and climate, which we are becoming experts on! We then learned about scientists who study weather and the patterns that can help predict natural disasters and hazards. This week we will be going in depth on the different types of natural hazards that lead to the different types of natural disasters. We will also be learning how we can best prepare for these disasters to keep us safe. We will also be taking on the role of a meteorologist! We will be taking the time to record the week’s forecast including the high and low temperatures as well as the weather conditions (sunny, rain, clouds, thunderstorms etc,.) On Thursday we will be checking for our own weather patterns that we noticed in the forecast.

Social Studies will be heavily connecting to some of our language arts themes and standards as we take the time to learn about Martin Luther King Jr.! We will do a brief lesson on civil rights so that we can set the tone for what it was like during Martin Luther King Jr.’s lifetime. We will talk about segregation and what the idea of “equality” means. We will then learn about Martin Luther King Jr.’s childhood, time as a preacher, and as a civil rights leader. We will listen to a piece of his famous “I Have a Dream” speech to discover  what that dream was. We will wrap up with a writing activity about our own dream for the world and how we can continue to make Dr. King’s dream come true today.  Next week we will watch the video, Our Friend Martin with some guided notes to complete our lesson on this amazing historical figure.

If there are any questions, comments or concerns feel free to come and talk to me, email me or message me on the Class Dojo app. Check the website weekly for third grade updates and the dojo daily to monitor your child’s behavior and for fun pictures and videos! Have a wonderful week!


Week of January 2nd, 2017

Hello and welcome back everyone! I hope that everyone had a happy holidays with their loved ones and are ready to to tackle the rest of the school year together!

Here are some important dates to write down in your calendars now -

Wed. 1 /4 - First day back!!!! :) Please make sure your little one is in their full uniform, has a non-disposable water bottle and a snack for the day.
Fri. 1/13 - Student Holiday - No School!
Mon. 1/16 - No School for Martin Luther King Jr.’s Birthday
Wed. 1/18 - 9am Mass of Peace
Fri. 1/27 - Noon Dismissal
Sun. 1/29 - 11am Mass followed by Open House from 12pm-2pm
*More dates to follow in future journals and emails.

New year = new beginnings and new goals! This is the theme that we will taking on as we come back into the classroom on Wednesday. We will come together to set the tone for the rest of our school year with a mini class meeting. We will have an open discussion on what goals we want to accomplish and what steps we can take to reach these goals. We will be using our S.M.A.R.T goal setting format to help us ensure that these goals will be specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time bound.

We will be beginning the third module in our Engage NY math curriculum upon our return. Module 3 will be building on our work with multiplication and division, starting off with the property we learned back in module one and know so well by now - the commutative property! We will be using this familiar building block to help us identify arithmetic patterns throughout the multiplication facts that we have been studying the first half of the year. And as we have began to see already, multiplication and division go hand in hand. If you the factors in your multiplication equation than you know the factors for your division expression. We will work to reinforce this understanding of the patterns and build up fluency and confidence in their multiplication and division facts. 

In Religion we will be studying the Epiphany and the Three Kings. There will be a Mass on, January 18th at 9am in the St. Jerome Church as well as on Sunday, January 29th at 11am . Families are welcome to attend and as always students are encouraged to donate a non-perishable canned food to donate to the church kitchen. A Dojo point for “Helping others” will be rewarded to those who bring a donation. We will also be going back to our Sadlier book and discuss what Ordinary Time is on the Catholic church calendar and what that means and how we can be good and faithful leaders during this time as well.

Due to it being such a short week, we will not be having a spelling test this week.

We will be taking the time to discuss the writing process that we will be using for the rest of our writing pieces throughout the school year. This writing process will include the following steps: pre-write, draft, edit, revise and then publish. Students will learn that each step of the writing process is incredibly important in becoming a great author. We will learn how to edit each other’s writing and how to give constructive criticism to one another that will help build each other up and not tear each other down.  We will also be taking the time to review prefixes and suffixes and how by adding a group of letters to the beginning or ending of a word will change the root meaning.

Now for the big drum roll….. We will be beginning our cursive writing! Now while I know some of our little learners are so excited to get their cursive on, I also know that some of our more nervous and intimidated by the idea of connecting all of our letters together. We will begin by easing into cursive these next few days by learning simple cursive writing strategies such as how to hold our pencil and what types of strokes we will be using before actually making our letters and words. Once we learn how to make the proper strokes for cursive and begin learning how to correctly write our letters we will begin doing cursive writing assignments. These assignments will include copying sentences or paragraphs or even copying words. When we have learned how to properly write half of our alphabet students will be able to receive their cursive writing permit, which will permit them to be able to practice cursive on their own.

In Social Studies we are going to be wrapping up our Holidays Around the World project that we began before the Christmas break. During this project we “traveled” around to different countries to learn how different cultures celebrate the holiday season. The goal was for students to learn that although we are all different and may celebrate differently and for different reasons, in the end there is no “right” or “wrong” way to celebrate when ultimately it’s all about spending time with those you love the most. We watched videos from these countries, did informative readings and created postcards at the end of each lesson where students wrote about something they learned. We will end this project with a “visit” to China to learn about the Chinese New Year celebration.

Prior to our Christmas vacation in Science we were studying the difference between climate and weather conditions and how they vary across the world in different climate zones. We will wrap this up with a discussion on how scientists use all the information that we had previously learned about to describe and predict weather conditions. We will do this by taking on the role as scientists ourselves and creating our own data charts in our science notebooks.

I am so excited to get back in the classroom with your little superstars and finish off the rest of this year! Make sure your little one gets plenty of rest, has a good breakfast, a snack and is dressed in uniform Wednesday. If there are any questions, comments or concerns do not hesitate to email or reach out to me in any other way. Have a wonderful rest of your week and a start to this new year! 


Week of Oct. 11th 

Happy Tuesday, everyone! I hope that you all were able to enjoy the nice and long three day weekend! I want to go ahead and let you all know that I will not be here on Friday with your little ones. I will be attending a science meeting our of town and I know that the class will be on their best behavior for the substitute.

Upcoming Reminders/Dates

  • 10/10 - Holiday/No School

  • 10/12 - Social Studies Test

  • 10/14 - Lion’s Club Bills emailed

  • 10/16 - STEAM Open House Event @ 1pm-3pm (I hope to see you all there!)

We are officially in module 2 of our EngageNY math curriculum! As I told your little mathematicians module 2, is a whole different ball game from what we were used to working with. We will be entering the exciting world of measurements! We will measuring time, liquids, lengths and everything in between. We will learn new units of measurements via the metric system and figure out how to tell time on an analog clock and eventually how to solve word problems with time on a number line. However, it is important to note that even though we will be moving into measurements they should still be practicing their skip counts and multiplication facts at home. We will still be using these strategies to help us with new concepts.

This week and next week we will specifically be focusing on measuring time. We will learn that time is continuous and even though we may stop measuring time, time itself will not not stop. We will learn the different units in which we measure time such as seconds, minutes and hours and when it is appropriate to use which unit. We will work with telling time on an analog clock and measure time in class with the aid of stopwatches and regular clocks.

October is the month of the Rosary, so in religion this week we will take the time to learn what the rosary is and the different prayers that are apart of it. We will read about the importance of the month of October and why it is important to pray to the rosary. We will also be moving into our Circle of Grace curriculum for religion. This week’s focus will be understanding the concept of the Circle of Grace and understanding that we are all God’s children and precious and special. We will set up a “safe place” in our classroom where there will be no judgement of one another and we will be accepting and tolerant.

In language arts we will continue with our lesson from last week on the comparative suffixes -er and -est. We will then get ready to begin one of my favorite topic to teach - POETRY! We will begin learning that poetry is the rebel of writing and doesn’t always follow the grammar rules that we have been learning, it follows a rhythmic scheme instead. We will begin looking at the different forms of figurative language poetry uses and then begin working on our first poems in class.

In addition to this we will also focus on how to draw conclusions from a reading. Our little readers will have to figure out what the author means in a story and we will do this by monitoring our comprehension and making sure that we understand the story and reading as we go through it. We will be doing this as we read the non-fiction reading “Home-Grown Butterflies.”

This week’s spelling words all have a silent letter. Students should be mindful that by adding silent letters we sometimes change the meaning of the word.

Spelling Words: wrap, knit, gnat, wrists, knots, wrote, knight, sign, knock, wreck, know, wring, gnaws, write, wrong

Review Words: week, speaks, field

Challenge Words: wristwatch, knapsack

In science this week we will wrap up our lesson on our final biome that we will be studying in class, the wetlands. We will talk about the importance wetlands have in our ecosystem and how we can protect and conserve them.

We will also be having our Social Studies Unit test on Wednesday. There will be an in class review -Jeopardy style to prepare for the test! We will then move into Unit 2 which will focus on the Native American communities in California.


Week of Oct. 3rd 

We have entered one of my favorite months of the year, OCTOBER! It’s jam packed with events, fun holidays and lots of fall festivities (not to mention my San Francisco Giants made it into the playoffs - what a miracle!)  

Progress reports went home last Friday, so I ask that you please take the time to review your little scholar’s grades and please sign the bottom of their report and send it back to school. This is to assure that you have looked it over and discussed your child’s progress of now with them. As a result we will be starting our week with a little S.M.A.R.T goal setting! On Monday we will make an academic goal for ourselves that is specific, measurable, has a plan of action, is realistic and timely. We will be planning to have achieved our goal by the end of the Trimester. Ask your little one what their gol is for the rest of the Trimester!

We are nearing the end of our first module in the EngageNY curriculum, which means we will have our end of the module assessment this Friday! This assessment will cover all the lesson in math thus far from 1-21, from arrays and setting up multiplication equations to solving two step word problems being modeled by tape diagrams. Your child should be bringing home their notes every day and studying them to be well-prepared for the test. Please also make sure that they continue practicing their skip counts/multiplication facts in their spare time. This is as easy as making flashcards for the fact families or saying skip counts aloud in the car to and from school. This will help them not only with multiplication, but also division, which we learned go hand and hand because they can check each other.

This week we will complete our diversity activity about what makes us special and an individual. The goal of the lesson is to understand that even though we are all different there is one thing that brings us together, our faith and love for God. We will have the chapter 8 test on Wednesday, that was postponed from last week. At this point in our curriculum we will be switching from our Sadlier “We Believe” text to the Circle of grace curriculum. A note was sent home on Friday to every child in regards to this, so please be sure to take the time to read through it. We will be using the Circle of Grace in the month of February.

We have also reached the end of unit 1 in language arts! We will be having our unit assessment on Thursday. This assessment will cover the reading comprehension skills that we have been working on such as the plot of a story, making predictions and using context to better understand the characters and story itself. Students should also be taking the time to go back through their notebook to jog their memory on sentences, fragments and subjects and predicates in preparation.

We will also be continuing reading through our California Treasures Language Arts book. This unit will focus on communities and what a community needs to grow. As we learn how to find the sequence of events in a story we will read “Boom Town” as a class. We will decided what the major events of the story are and see how our sequence of events can help us to summarize the story in order of what happened.

This week’s spelling words all have the long |e| sound which can either be spelled with an ee, ea or even the ie.

Spelling Words: heal, seal, weak, week, bean, creek, speaks, team, free, green, clean, cream, street, freeze, field
Review Words: right, pie, child
Challenge Words: sixteen, peanut

In Science we will continue working on our study of the Ocean biome! We explore differences between freshwater and saltwater as well as the living things, both plants and animals, that have made the necessary adaptations in order to call that environment home. We will get hands dirty, or should I say wet, as we do a couple of hands on experiments in which we can see the difference between the two. We will then start looking at the wetland biome. This is the last biome that we study and learn about, before turning our focus to the environments and the changes that have been made to it and how living things are affected.

In Social Studies we will be making a cross connection with science as we see how man changes the communities and environments by using resources and technology to adapt to the environments and make them livable. Next week on Tuesday we will have our first social studies test which will cover what a community is, how they are diverse, full of different regions and resources and finally how man changes the environment. We will have an in class review session on Friday this week to prepare.

Important Dates/Reminders

  • Wednesday 10/5 - Picture Retakes

  • Monday 10/10 - Holiday/No School

  • Friday 10/14 - Lion’s Club Bills emailed

  • Sunday 10/16 - STEAM/Open House Event

  • Friday 10/28 - Blessing of Animals @ 2:15pm

  • Monday 10/31 - Happy Halloween! Noon dismissal/Parade/Class Party :)  


Week of Sept. 26th 

Happy Monday, everyone!

This week we have a few things to make note of on our calendars, so get those iphones or agendas out and mark down these dates!

  • Wednesday 9/28 will be a noon dismissal. Teacher and faculty will have to have a special meeting in preparation for progress reports and need a little extra time. Please arrange to pick up your child at 12pm or send them to Lion’s Club with a lunch or having prepaid for the Chickpea lunch prior to 12pm on Wednesday.

  • Friday 9/30 is when Progress Reports will be sent home.

  • Friday 9/30 is St. Jerome Feast Day! To celebrate this, students are asked to bring a book to donate to an underfunded school library. To make it a little more fun, they may dress up as their favorite book character from the book that they are donating! Just to be clear this is not a free dress day or Halloween in which they may come dressed in any costume. It must be a book character from the book they are donating. We will have a Book Character Parade Friday morning at the beginning of school immediately following morning assembly. If you are free to stay and join, I know that your child and I would love to see you there cheering them on in the parade!

  • EXCITING NEWS! Last week I was approached by two 8th grade students who will be doing a project on empathy in which they have to find a way to "give back." These two students have chosen to do tutoring for the lower grades. These girls are excellent students and truly seem to want to help and make a difference. I think this would be an excellent opportunity for our little learners to get some more one on one help in areas that they might struggle more with and want to improve upon. Tutoring will be free of charge and they are willing to try and work with your child's schedule. If you are interested in this, please let me know as soon as possible so that I can pass along your contact information to our awesome tutors so that they can set something up with you! 

In math this week we will be revisiting the distributive property in which we “decompose” or “break apart” a multiplication fact into two easier to solve multiplication facts. We will work on adding the two facts together and subtract them in order to solve our original equation. We will be matching our equations to an array to help us visual how this breaking apart is happening and still being able to see the totals. We will also be revisiting the commutative property in which our factors are able to switch places, but not effect the product/total.  The rest of the week will focus on understanding the relationship between multiplication and division. We will model this relationship through arithmetic patterns that will emerge as we compose and decompose numbers.  

Please make sure that your little mathematician is keeping their skills sharp by practicing their skip counts when they have the opportunity. On days when homework is light, flashcard practice or writing out the skip counts can go a long way! Or even saying skip counts in the car on the way to and from school is great practice! As we move more into division, the better grasp they have on multiplication facts the easier division will be!

In language arts we will be reading the story “My Very Own Room.” I have been telling these little readers that a good reader will ask questions as they go through the story to help them better understand the story elements. A good reader will also make predictions based on textual evidence. As we read this realistic fiction piece together in class, we will stop and make predictions using a graphic organizer and then record whether the predictions came true or not.  We will also continue with our review in writing/grammar as to what makes a good, strong complete sentence. We will look at the proper format of a paragraph and how to write one on our paper.

This week’s spelling words all have the long |i| sound, meaning that it says it’s name in a word. In words where the “y” acts as a vowel then the “y” will make that long i sound.

Spelling Words: mild, sky, pie, might, find, fight, tied, right, fry, tight, child, flight, bright, buy, dye
Review Words: soak, bowl, gold
Challenge Words: wind, children

In religion we will continue on with our lesson about who makes up the Catholic Church. We will do a mini lesson on Pope Francis in which we will learn about who he is, some of his accomplishments as Pope and highlight something interesting or what we admire about him. We will also discuss how the Church is holy and understand what that means and that it entails diversity as well. We will do a special project that highlights how we are all different, but can all unite as one by following God’s law and living to his standards. This will conclude our chapter about the Catholic Church and we will have a chapter test on Thursday.

In Science this week we will be learning about my personal favorite biome, water biomes! I find the ocean fascinating and full of mystery and cannot wait to talk about it in class. We will talk about the special adaptations that water plants and animals will need in order to survive. We will also discuss how not all water biomes are the same, but can be different based on many different characteristics. We will end the week with a mini experiment that will help us to highlight the differences in salt and freshwater and how sunlight/depth can affect factors in the environment such as temperature.

Finally, in social studies we will revisit the play we read in class “Planet Theo” and complete a mini group project that compares the regions and resources in Planet Theo to that of what we have here in California. Groups will be assigned with Planet Theo or California and will have to work together to create and design a poster in which they highlight these special features to persuade someone to move to either California or Planet Theo. We will take 2 days in class to work on it and then present on Thursday, since Wednesday is a noon dismissal day.

I love letting these little learners work together, because I think group projects teach valuable life skills, such teamwork, how to work with different personalities and how to collaborate and share ideas and questions with one another. I am confident that these posters will turn out great and I cannot wait to hang them in the room!

If there are any questions, comments or concerns, you know how to contact or where to find me! Have a wonderful week and I hope to see everyone Friday morning for our Book Parade!  



Week of Sept. 19th 

Welcome back to another exciting and busy week in the third grade! Our 9/11 “What Is A Hero” writing pieces and flag collage is now up on the class bulletin board! Some of you saw the picture on the Class Dojo story and know already how great it looks! However, I encourage everyone to try and stop by the room and take a look at your child’s writing piece. They did such an amazing job and I am so proud of their hard work and reflecting!

This week in math we will continue moving through our module where students will continue making tape diagrams and correctly labeling all of our unknown and unknown pieces, these pieces will either be the total, number of groups or the size of the group. Your child will have to determine which is the known and unknown factor in a world problem and then translate that into a division sentence. We will be doing this for the units of 3 and 4, so please make sure that they are practicing their multiplication facts at home! This will make our problem sets and homework a lot easier and help us move through our fast facts tests on Fridays! We will revisit the commutative property as well as we learn how to relate our array and tape diagrams for multiplication equations.

Mid-module assessments will be handed back on Wednesday and we will take the time to go through it and see an mistakes we may have made.

In Religion we will be working in our We Believe book. We will discuss the Kingdom of God and how it is the power of God’s love throughout the world. We will have a group discussion on how we can play an important part in the Kingdom of god by being a good person, friend and citizen and by having faith. Jumping ahead in our book, we will then learn about the gift of faith from God and what it means to be a faithful follower. We will also learn about the church and who makes it up the Catholic Church. We will take the time to do a special highlight on Pope Francis including who he is and what his job is as the head of the Catholic church.

Students will be assigned and interview assignment that will be due on Thursday. The purpose of this assignment is to have them conduct an interview in which they must ask a series of questions to someone about a time when they help a person in need and what effect that had on the interviewee. This will help develop speaking skills as well as show them the value that being a good person and doing what is right has. This assignment will be due on Thursday at the beginning of class.

In language arts this week we will explore a concept that we have become familiar with in science and social studies, comparing and contrasting! We will read two different versions of the same story and using this literary device to see how different writers try and teach the same moral in different ways. The stories will be “The Boy Who Cried Wolf” and “Wolf!” We will also continue to practice using context clues in the story to help us better understand the characters and make predictions about what will happen next. Good readers ask themselves questions as they go through the story and make guesses as to what will happen next and we will practice these comprehension skills with this story.

We will also be taking time to wrap up our activity on the four types of sentences, declarative, imperative, interrogative and exclamatory as well as determining the main idea using close reading passages. There will be a sentence type quiz on Friday along with the spelling test. All spelling words this week have the long |o| sound which is created with either an o, oa, or ow.

Spelling Words: gold, bowl, soak, sold, snow, loaf, roast, coast, scold, coal, slow, grows, show, float, blow
Review Words: snail, plain, gray
Challenge Words: window, program

I have also decided that this week and next week we will be having a crash review course on what a sentence is and what a paragraph is. We will revisit what a subject and a predicate is and how both are needed to make a complete sentence instead of a fragment. Then we will go over the proper format of a paragraph for future writing purposes.

This week’s science and social studies lesson will be a continuation from what we were unable to complete last week due to such a choppy schedule. In science we will wrap up our notes on land biomes and make foldable information sheets for each biome that will go inside our interactive notebook. There will be a special focus on the Desert biome in our reading this week. If time permits we will still plan to do our camouflage experiment that we didn’t get to in which we will focus on making a hypothesis and see how adaptations are important for animal survival.

In social studies we will continue with our lesson natural, renewable and nonrenewable resources and the importance of each one. We will learn about conservation and how it helps our communities.  To make this lesson a little more interactive we will be acting out a little play called “A Home on Planet Theo,” which focuses on the land and resources of one place and the importance of caring for it. We will then bring our comparing and contrasting element to the nonfiction genre by finding the similarities and differences between the made up planet on our play and to our home here in California.

If there are any questions, comments or concerns please do not hesitate to reach out to me!

Reminders for the Week

  • 9/19 (Monday) - Parent Meeting @ 3:30pm in the 4th grade classroom
    Lions Club will be free for students whose parents are attending the meeting

  • 9/22 (Thursday) - Interview Assignment due
     - Faith Family Activity

  • 9/28 (Next Wednesday) - Noon Dismissal for Faculty Meeting

  • 9/30 (Next Friday) - Progress Reports to go home
    - St. Jerome Feast Day
    - Book Character Dress Up Day! Bring the book your character is from to donate to an underfunded school’s library


Week of Sept. 12th 

Hello my 3rd Grade Team! Please note now that this Wednesday is a noon dismissal rather than our usual 2:15pm early release. Do make any necessary accommodations before hand be it Lion’s Club or having someone else pick up your child that.

We’ve got a big week this week! In math we will have our first mid-module assessment with our EngageNY curriculum on Friday. Each module will be comprised of 2 assessments, one being a mid-module and the other being an end of the module assessment. The mid module assessment is nice as it will help break up our modules which are pretty large and bursting with information! This allows our little mathematicians to take it in pieces rather than one giant test after a bunch of little lessons. Students should be taking home their math notebooks this week to review what we have learned and come to class with questions if they have any. That way they are prepared for Friday.

In addition to our mid-module assessment we will also be learning the distributive property. This property breaks a large complex equation into two simpler equations by either adding groups or subtracting groups. This makes the original equation easier to solve and we will separate our equations with parentheses. They will learn that in math parentheses tell us to do two things: They are waving arms shouting to “pick me first!”” and that we have to solve whatever is inside before anything else and secondly, they are hugging those number inside because that is their little group. We will then match all of this with an array to provide a visual.

We also introduced something new into our math schedule that I think everyone is  excited about! Every Friday we will have a 1 minute math multiplication fact test. It will be a short little test based on the multiplication fact families. Once they reach 100% on that particular fact family they get to move up to the next family and sign their name on a number hanging in the class to show mastery! Everyone started on 1’s this week and they will move at their own pace. They should be practicing their multiplication facts/skip counts at home.   

This week we have our first in school Mass at 9am. The theme will be “New Year, New Beginnings” and will be lead by the Student Council. This will help to set the tone and overall goals our school has for the upcoming year. If you are able to make it, I would love to see you there! Your child may earn a Dojo point in the “Helping Others” category for bringing a canned food item to donate to the church pantry. We will be going back to our We Believe books this week. We will be finishing up our modern day disciple comic and discuss God’s love for us and what responsibility that gives us.

In language arts we will read the nonfiction piece “Earth Smart” in our ELA books and discuss how authors always have a main idea and support those ideas with details to teach a lesson to the reader. We will learn how to identify the main idea and details in close reading passages as well. Last week we covered what makes a sentence complete verses a fragment so this week we will learn the four types of sentences and how to distinguish them from one another. These four types include declarative, imperative, interrogative and exclamatory. Your little writer will learn how each type of sentence adds something new and rich to our writing.

This week’s spelling words have a the long |a| sound and are accompanied by a silent vowel to help create that sound.

Spelling Words: fail, bay, pail, ray, plain, tray, trail, may, braid, sway, gray, plays, paint, snail, great
Review Words: safe, rice, globe
Challenge Words: lady, afraid

In Science we will continue with our lesson and guided notes on land biomes with a special focus on the Desert Biome. We will create little foldable for some different biomes as we move through them. We will also do a small experiment on camouflage and learn why this is such an important adaptation for animals. There will be a heavy focus on forming a hypothesis for this experiment and what value a hypothesis has to offer to the scientific community.

In honor of the 15th anniversary of September 11th being yesterday, we will devote some of our social studies time this week to a mini lesson on this tragic and important day in modern history. We will talk about what happened on this day and who was involved. We will see some live news clips from that day from all over the world, another short video in where they get to hear from survivors and then learn about the Freedom Tower that stands in place of the Twin Towers now. While this can be a  sensitive topic and can be pretty complex and heavy, I feel that it is important to learn about this and to learn the most important lesson of all… hope, heroes and how our nation came together in a time of crisis. We will end this mini unit with a special little craftivity that honors the heroes of 9/11. Stop by our class bulletin board early next week to see!

Remember that I am always available to you and your child! Stop by the room or send me an email or talk to me after school if there are ever any questions, comments or concerns.

Important Dates and Reminders!  

9/13- 9am Mass

* please send a non-perishable canned food item to donate to our church kitchen

9/14 - Noon Dismissal - Lion’s Club will be open. Please send your child with lunch or prepay for Chickpea lunch prior to that day.

9/14 - Mixed Bag Fundraising money due

9/16 - Spelling Test

9/16 - First Faith Family

9/19 - Parent Club Meeting @ 3:30pm

9/30 - Book Character Dress Up Day for St. Jerome Feast Day


Week of Sept. 6th 

Happy Tuesday, third grade families! I hope that everyone had a nice, long and relaxing three day weekend. I know that I did, but I’m excited to be back in the classroom with all of your little ones! We have a shorter time together this week, but we still have a lot to get through so I am just going to jump right into it.

In math we will continue working with our multiplication skip counts, equations and arrays. We will learn about the commutative property and how no matter which way we order our factors in a multiplication equation we will get to the same total or product. Your little thinkers will also be able to understand how to correctly match an array to a multiplication fact. They will see that the as the factors switch places in the equations so will the number of rows and columns. We will then begin looking at how to relate these equations and arrays to our skip-counts and count-bys. Make sure that they are practicing their skip-counts (out loud counting) and count-bys (writing the counts out) so that they can memorize these facts quicker!

In religion we will be taking the time to focus on Mass since we will be having our first in school Mass service next Tuesday at 9am at the church. You are all invited to the service if you are able to attend and I hope to see some of you there. Your child may also bring a non-perishable canned food good to donate to the Church Kitchen. They can earn a Dojo point for “Helping Others” by doing so. Our Mass lessons will focus on the components of a Mass Service, what do and say during the service and why it is s important. Your little one will be able to understand that this special time to talk to God and ask for forgiveness and learn how to be a good catholic and person.  

In ELA this week we will be wrapping up our lesson on sentences and sentence fragments. We will have a scoot activity and small fragment quiz on Friday. They will need to know how to identify a sentence from a fragment and determine whether it is missing the subject or a predicate. This week we will begin to look deeper   into the types of sentences: declarative, imperative, interrogative, and exclamatory. Each type of sentence tells the reader something different and has corresponding punctuation marks. We will learn the difference between the types of sentences, how to identify them and see how they are able to add so much more variety to our writing.

We will be moving into our next story inside of our text book where our literary focus will be “cause and effect” and how they make up the events in our story. The story we will be reading to highlight this skill is “Amazing Grace.” We will also continue to work on identify inferences and context clues as we read out.

This week’s spelling words all have long vowel sounds with a silent “e” at the end.

Spelling Words: date, fine, rose, lake, life, home, safe, rice, globe, plane, wise, smoke, grade, smile, come
Review Words: clap, sick, crop  
Challenge Words: sneeze, escape

In Science we will continue talking about living things and their structures. We will learn how those structures have different functions that help that living thing to grow, survive and reproduce. We will also begin exploring different environments and how each one has different things to offer the living things that inhabit it. In our scientific method we will discuss the importance of making predictions and see how these predictions lead our scientific investigations.

In Social Studies will take a small amount of time to learn about Labor Day and why we have the day off from school to recognize it. We will then continue with our lesson from last week on physical and human geography. This will lead us into our lesson on resources: natural, renewable and nonrenewable.

If there are any questions, comments or concerns please feel free to contact me. Please make sure to get all forms sent home filled out and returned as well as our emergency food bags if you have not done so already. Thank you and have a wonderful week!   

Important Dates/Reminders

9/5 - Labor Day - No School!

9/6 - Ice Cream for sale at lunch for $0.50

9/9 - Sentence and Sentence Fragment Quiz

9/13 - Mass at 9am

9/14 - Mixed Bag orders due!  


Week of Aug. 29th 

Hello everyone! I hope that everyone had a nice weekend. We had a great first week of school in her the 3rd grade and I am so excited to continue on through the year as we continue to grow and learn everyday.

I want to thank everyone who was able to show up to the Family Mass on Sunday. It was so nice seeing all those bright smiling faces, and I know they enjoyed their free dress today!

In math this week we will continue working through our EngageNY curriculum. We started with making and using arrays to create repeated addition sentences and multiplication sentences/equations. We then added a number bond to represent the array and multiplication equation. Your little mathematician learned that we use factors (or numbers) to represent the number of groups and the size of a group and how they are represented in our drawings. This week will we take it a step further by learning the meaning of an unknown value as both the size of a group and the number of groups in division. We will then match our equations and unknowns with our array models.

Religion this week will focus on how Jesus began his work amongst the people and how his followers were known as disciples. We will talk about what it meant to be a disciple and what it means to be a modern day disciple. The rest of the week will focus on canonization of Mother Teresa! This is a really exciting time and we will talk about who Mother Teresa was and what it means to become a Saint. We will do a couple of activities along with this lesson.

In language arts we will read the story “First Day Jitters” as we focus on the elements of a story: characters, setting and the plot which is made up of the beginning, middle and end. As we read through the story we will work to identify these story elements. We will also do a review of what a good strong sentence. This will include a complete sentences vs. a fragment, that it is either stating something or asking a question and that it requires capitalization and punctuation.

We will also be having our first spelling test this week. We will start with a pretest on Monday and end with the test on Friday. Students should be keeping up with their daily spelling homework and studying the words to ensure that they are prepared. This week’s spelling words all have the short vowel sound.

Spelling Words: clap, step, sick, rock, luck, crop, snack, mess, head, shut, miss, stamp, jump, click, pond
Review Words: cat, man, can
Challenge Words: bathtub, anthill

In Science we will be continuing our discussion about how living things get what they need in order to survive. We will learn that plants and animals have structures that all serve a specific function. We will also learn that there are many different type of environments in which living things will reside and adapt to. We will also learn how in scientific investigations it is important to collect data and analyze it in order to develop a conclusion. Your little scientists will be seeing the scientific method in action!

Social Studies will pick up with our lesson on communities in California and we will work to describe the physical and human geography of the communities. We will do this by using maps, table and pictures to learn about people, places, and the environment in a spatial context. This will lead us into our next topic in which we will see how communities are often different because of their location and how people use the land and it’s resources to live. We will also discuss what a primary and secondary source is and be able to differentiate from the two.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out! Have a wonderful week!

Reminders/ Important Dates

8/29 - Free Dress Day for students who attended Sunday Mass in uniform

8/31 - Picture Day in uniform

9/2 - Bake Sale during lunch and after school (all treats will be $1)

9/5 - Labor Day - No School! Enjoy the long weekend! :)


Week of Aug. 22nd 

Hello and welcome everyone! 

I hope that everyone had a terrific, relaxing and adventerous summer and is ready to kick off a whole new year of learning and fun in the third grade! I know I am! 

We will be taking this week to learn classroom procedures and expectations for the year. 

We will work on a couple projects this week to set the tone for the year and get our brains pumping again after such a relaxing summer. We will do a small writing piece about our summer, try to save Fred the worm by working together with a partner, we will talk about the importance of using kind words and what it means to be a good citizen. We will play a couple of math games that will lead us into our EngageNY Math curriculum. 

STAR testing will be taking place this week. This is to see where we are at as of right now. While I will explain this and remind them prior to the taking the STAR test, please let them know not to stress out, and to do their very best! Our testing days are scheduled for Wednesday and Thursday. 

I am so excited to meeting and getting to know each and every one of you and your little super star students! Let's have a STUPENDOUS year together!!! :)

Please know that I am always availabe to you and your child and feel free to contact me with any questions, comments or concerns you may have. 

Reminders/Important Dates:

8/22 - First Day of School!!!!!
  Back to School Night - Meet at the Church at 7pm to be followed by classroom presentations in our 3rd             grade class room  

8/24 & 8/25 - STAR testing - Please make sure your child has a good breakfast and gets a good night's sleep!

8/26 - Free Dress in our class color! The 3rd grade class color is yellow. 

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